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Jon "Bones" Jones is Suspect in Hit-and-Run

Endicott native Jon "Bones" Jones, the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, is the lead suspect in a hit-and-run accident Sunday morning, Albuquerque Police said a pregnant woman in her 20's who was driving another vehicle suffered minor injuries in the three-car accident.

According to the police report, witnesses from the two other cars saw the driver of the third car flee his vehicle then slouch over, return, grab a large handful of cash, then flee the scene again.

The report also says an officer found a marijuana pipe with marijuana in it, as well as paperwork belonging to Jonathan Jones, which had MMA information on it.

In January, Jones entered a drug rehabilitation center after testing positive for cocaine in a test administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

He checked himself out of rehab after one day of treatment. In May 2012, Jones was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he crashed his Bentley into a telephone pole in Binghamton.

Jones pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DWI charge and avoided jail time.

Jones is scheduled to fight Anthony Johnson in UFC 187 on May 23rd in Las Vegas.