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Health Officials Promote Good Oral Hygiene with 5K

Making sure to keep good dental hygiene may be more important than you know.

Sunday the Oral Cancer Foundation held a 5K run/walk to help raise awareness for oral cancer. Sunday's event included food, raffle baskets, and a free dental health screening. More than 250 people came out raising more than $40,000 which will go to the Oral Cancer Foundation. The run included 10 oral cancer survivors who spoke of their story.

Health officials say that only 50% of those who are diagnosed with oral cancer survive past five years and therefore it's important to get any dental issues checked out.

"Sometimes your tongue just hurts. Definitely feel your lymph node, if there's nodules on your lymph node, sometimes that's a symptom. If you see that, go to your dentist, they will decide if you need a biopsy because the biopsy is the only way to determine if it is indeed cancer," said Oral Cancer Awareness Run/Walk coordinator and dental hygienist Daniele Kelpner.

Dental hygiene officials say you should make sure to get up-to-date screenings as well as brush twice, floss at least twice and get rid of the bacteria in your mouth on a daily basis to help keep up that good oral hygiene.