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Officials Remember Armenian Genocide

Residents are coming together to remember a historical tragedy: The Armenian Genocide, the anniversary: 100 years ago today, during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Saturday morning community members gathered at the Armenian Genocide Monument in Binghamton for a public announcement declaring April 25th Armenian Remembrance Day.

A range of local and state officials and representatives were also present recognizing the date.

Later a service, promoting unity among the world’s churches, was held at St. Gregory Church in Binghamton.

Following the service a video presentation was shown titled “Responsibility 2015 Conference” featuring the author of “An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians.”

Officials say the tragic events that took place 100 years ago in 1915 uprooted the entire Armenian population from the homeland it had inhabited for more than 3,000 years.