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Lourdes Hospital Recognizes Volunteer Workers

Lourdes Hospital is thanking its volunteers with a brunch!

Saturday, the hospital held its annual Volunteer Brunch at Traditions at the Glen to recognize their help and also to celebrate their 90th anniversary.
The event honored more than 30 volunteers for their services ranging from five plus years.
Saturday, two attendees received Presidential awards for their exceptional services.

According to officials, in 2014, more than 250 adult volunteers donated more than 21,000 hours at Lourdes and officials say the help of volunteers is irreplaceable.

"We take pride in the volunteers that come to Lourdes everyday, whether it's to give communion to patients, whether it's to greet patients. They're doing a big service out of the goodness of their hearts. It's so appropriate and great for us to be able to at least thank them at a special event like this," said Volunteer Services Director at Lourdes Ann Lomonaco.

"People who volunteer like to go out and help other people. And they have no other way to do it except to volunteer like at Lourdes Hospital, so people know where to go for what they need for service," said volunteer for over 20 years, Chris Condon.

Lourdes Auxiliary also recognized this year’s scholarship recipients. These are chosen high school applicants who volunteered at least 100 hours within the last year.