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Renovations for Recreation Park

Recreation Park in Binghamton received quite the facelift Friday.

Students in Binghamton University's School of Management Honors Program, or PWC Scholars, held a community service day at the park and worked on a variety of projects.

More than 125 students helped repaint the carousel and the pool house, clean statues, make preparations for improving the playground area which is a part of the ourspace project funded by the parks department and other community organizations.

Friday students were building a sound garden which would be a standing xylophone that children at the park could play with.

President of the PwC Scholars Program Jake Weiss said, "We feel like music is such an amazing way that all of us kind of enjoy ourselves and interact. So to be able to add a sound and musical element to our space. I think it's something that we could connect to because it's something we've all interacted with."

Ourspace is a 2015 recipient of funding from the Wendy's Walk for Kid's which will be held on August 30th.