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Upcoming Renovations to the Collier Street Parking Garage

Portions of the Collier Street Parking Garage will be out of commission in the coming months for repairs.

The Collier Street Garage is just one of the city's three public parking structures that will undergo renovations thanks to 1.4 million dollars allocated in the mayor's state of the city address.

According to Mayor David 200 of the 535 parking spots in the garage will be closed as construction teams work to rehabilitate concrete slabs, external steel beams and rebar.

Teams will also be adding floor drainage repairs and waterproofing measures.

Mayor David says, "This is the most utilized ramp of the city's three ramps. It also makes the most money in parking revenue for the city of Binghamton. As I've maintained from the beginning this ramp is in very poor condition."

Repairs to the garage are expected to be complete by August but until that time drivers are encouraged to use other parking facilities.