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Another Sold Out Wine & Food Fest at Roberson

The snow showers didn't stop hundreds of people from attending Roberson's 15th annual Wine and Food Fest. This year's event not only had more vendors but it also provided the tastings from our areas best.

"For us it's been fifteen years of success, it's our fifth year in a row that we have had a sold out crowd. so it's a great showcase for the food that exists around our community and a great night out for people to celebrate " said Marketing and PR Manager of Roberson Museum, Jason Fiume.

Roberson employees say what makes this event so successful is the location and as a result ticket sales were through the roof.

"You're within a museum but you're having a good time enjoying basically a five course meal. You've got everything from appetizers to desert to coffee and all the courses you could imagine inbetween and not anywhere else in town can you go anyplace and taste these restaurants in one location" said Fiume.

Not only is it a great event for the Roberson museum but it helps out local businesses as well.

"We get the chance to meet new friends, we see old ones, we see people that were here the last few years wishing they can try what we have and then we meet new people, we have some name recognition so people come say I've heard of you so it's a name with a face " said Red & White Catering Owner Jo Anne Klenovic.

Not to mention, it's a fun night for everyone involved.

"It's nice to be able to get out in Binghamton, something different than just going to the same old bar and other places that you go fifty times a year so it's nice to be able to go out and do something different " said Rob Krowiak of Endicott.