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Female Presidents: Why not U.S.?

Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign announcement has sparked the support of women's rights right here in Binghamton.

Active supporter of women's rights and CEO of The Women and Girls Foundation, Heather Arnet asked tonight at SUNY Broome, "Why not U.S.?" in her documentary Madame Presidenta.

The film follows the journey of two women as they explore the key question of why so many countries have elected female presidents before the United States.

Filmmaker Heather Arnet said, "What I hope the film does and I think part of why people feel optimistic when they walk out is that they've seen that in all these other countries where they don't even have electricity, people were able to get really evolved in shaping their government."

Arnet has been showing the documentary all over the area, and has future showings coming up in upstate New York.