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State AG's Office: No Comment on Whether It Is Looking Into Brown Investigation

*This story was corrected on Friday at 12:40 p.m. Lt. Martin Burnett's name was incorrect in the original article.

The State Attorney General's Office will neither confirm nor deny whether it is actively investigating how Binghamton Police handled the death investigation of officer Katie Brown and former officer Christopher Stoeckel .

The pair died in a motorcycle crash the night of May 18th, 2014. Department records show police entered Katie Brown's house at 1 pm on May 19th, the day after the crash. Records show police took Brown's personal laptop as well as weapons.

Brown's mother Lisa Capaldo tells Fox 40 she first met with Binghamton Police administration mid-afternoon on May 19th and only gave them permission to search Brown's home for weapons.

Under a Freedom of Information law request, we learned police did not have a search warrant.

Two police records reveal investigators got permission from Lt. Martin Burnett per Chief Joseph Zikuski. The documents say Capaldo gave a verbal OK for the search by phone. That's something Capaldo says she didn't do. Also absent from case records we received is a Consent to Search form, and Capaldo says she never signed any document.

We asked the City of Binghamton for comment today but did not hear back. In past days the City referred us to documents we obtained via the Freedom of Information Law.