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Steps Toward an Active Future for Amputees

A Greene resident is the first in the state to receive the latest technology in prosthetic ankles.

"I was riding my motorcycle and all of a sudden a car just pulled out of nowhere. It was 11 o'clock, sunny out...I mean basically wasn't paying attention," says Philip Nielsen

Injuries Philip sustained during that accident required the amputation of his leg below the knee.

As an active 21 year old Philip says he couldn't have imagined anything worse.

According to Philip, "I thought well I can't run, they're going to get me a leg...I know you can get a leg that you can stand straight up and down and get around. I thought my life was just going to be slow paced."

Today, thanks to the triton smart ankle, Philip is able to enjoy many of the same activities he did before the amputation.

"This foot has more range of motion control versus any other ankle it allows much more comfort," says Ryan Stark, Manager of the Hanger Clinic.

A mobile phone app allows Philip to make real time adjustments and gives real time feed back on his prosthetic limb.

"This one is programmed via Bluetooth connection with his phone, the settings will stay on his phone.He can do many of the adjustments, not all the adjustments and that is unlike any other prosthetic foot that's on the market," says Stark.

Philip says these kinds of advancements in prosthesis technology give him hope even on the worst days.

"There's days where I always think, you know, 'why me' but those are the days you have to get over after a few minutes and say 'yah, you gotta keep going on'.It could be worse, that's what I always think someone is worse off than I am," says Philip.