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Local Protesters Oppose Twelve Nation Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

Some protesters used Earth Day as a way to highlight their opposition to the twelve nation Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.

They protested in front of Congressman Richard Hanna's Binghamton office at the Metrocenter.

The White House is supporting the fast tracking of the deal in congress. It says the agreement would boost U.S. economic growth, support American jobs, and grow made-in-America exports to some of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Opponents say it would allow corporations to skirt U.S. environmental regulations and sue the government if profits are threatened.

"It's going to allow corporate interests to trump our own environmental laws and policies. They could easily challenge us in court, they could undermine all of the good regulations we have in place," said Scott Lauffer of the Susquehanna Group of the Sierra Club.

If completed, the Trans Pacific Partnership would be the largest trade agreement since NAFTA, with 40 percent of the world's trade represented by the agreement.