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Vestal's Kulp commits to UMBC

Usually when a student-athlete commits to a school to play their sport of choice, it's a sport that they've grown up loving and playing for years. That's not the case for Vestal's Kyle Kulp who has committed to run track at UMBC.

The love part has surfaced, but the playing for years part... not so much. Kulp played lacrosse every spring and summer until his sister, who also runs track for UMBC told him he was build like a runner. He started running indoor track as a high school junior and come spring, gave up lacrosse for his new found interest in running. He admits it was a bit of a transition, but he soon realized that track could be his future.

"It was junior year, it was towards the end of the season, my coach was like 'you're running impressive times,'" Kulp said. "I was talking to my sister, and the coach from UMBC was even impressed and it just kind of dawned on me that I could maybe actually go to college for this."

By joining UMBC, Kulp will compete in the America East and is looking forward to competing against his hometown Binghamton Bearcats.

He plans to study biology.