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Wideman wants a shot at the NHL

It may sound tough to hear, but given a simple explanation it's understandable. No hockey player wants to play in Binghamton... because Binghamton is not in the NHL. That's not to say that those assigned to the B-Sens don't enjoy their stay in Binghamton, as we saw with Shane Prince earlier in the week, but, given their choice, 100% of the B-Sens roster would rather play in Ottawa.

After the year Chris Wideman had, second on the team in points to only Shane Prince, the AHL's Top Defenseman, mid-season and post-season All-Star, it makes sense that he feels snubbed. Wideman was called up to Ottawa for a brief period earlier in the season, but that stint ended without ever seeing any game action. After he left, Ottawa went on one of the best late season runs in NHL history to sneak into the playoffs. That's tough for a guy like Wideman to watch.

"It's obviously difficult when you're recognized as the top player for your position in the league below the NHL and you don't get an opportunity," Wideman said. "That's obviously difficult to swallow, but it's more motivating than anything. Just go into the summer and work even harder and hope that you get a shot one day."

Wideman added that he was happy for the guys in Ottawa, though.

Wideman, like Prince and 13 other players on this year's B-Sens roster enter free agency this offseason. Wideman and Prince both are Restricted Free Agents.