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SEPP Updates on 50 Housing Unit Project in Town of Union

The head of the non-profit housing agency SEPP is giving an update on a new project that will add 50 housing units in the Town of Union.

SEPP stands for Serving the Elderly through Project Planning.
It is clearing out land to start construction on 25 duplexes.

First priority for the housing will be given to families who lost homes in the 2006 and 2011 floods, and also for low income families.

"In the town of Union specifically they suffered so much they lost so many homes and FEMA bought out almost 60-67 homes its really important to make sure that the community still rebuilds, that there's housing there. We don't want a flux of people leaving Broome County so were hoping that we give them some other options," said Anthony Fiala.

Fiala anticipates the homes to be complete by the beginning of 2016.