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New Documents on Investigation of BPD Officer Katie Brown's Death

By Fox 40 Staff.
New documents on the investigation after the death of Binghamton Police Officer Katie Brown and former officer Christopher Stoeckel.

Brown and Stoeckel were killed in a motorcycle crash on may 18th, 2014. Brown's mother Lisa Capaldo spoke to fox 40 last week asking why there was such an extensive investigation which followed since both were killed in the accident.

Capaldo said by the time she arrived in Binghamton mid-afternoon the day after the accident police already had Brown's cell phone and computer. Capaldo said she gave police permission to re-enter Brown's home to look for weapons.

Police records claim Capaldo gave police permission to search Brown's home for weapons and a computer. Police records show a search on May 19th at 1pm of Brown's home resulted in the recovery of a Glock .22 handgun and an ASUS laptop computer. Records further show police had possession of that computer until June 26th, but police say there are no records that there was a search of that computer.

Today fox 40 learned an email shows a draft search warrant request to examine Brown and Stoeckel's cell phones was sent for review on May 23 but it was never submitted. The draft request said the information would help police fill a roughly three-hour timeline of Brown and Stoeckel the evening of the accident.

The Mayor's office has deferred comment to police and documents we have obtained from Binghamton Police through the Freedom of Information Act. We also have a message into Binghamton Detectives regarding the investigation which has not yet been returned.