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Prosecution Rebuttal Witnesses in Cal Harris Case

By Beth Rousseau.
Prosecutors finish calling rebuttal witnesses and jurors are one step closer to getting the case of Cal Harris. The Town of Spencer man is charged with 2nd degree murder for the death of his estranged wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001.

Jurors heard testimony from two witnesses today before prosecutors completed their rebuttal case.

New York State police investigator Steven Andersen, who testified for 7 days earlier in the trial, took the stand once again today testifying about the blood stains found in the garage and kitchen alcove area of the Harris home.

However today for the first time jurors were allowed to see photos of fluorescein testing performed on areas surrounding stains on the garage floor.

Andersen says the pattern seen on the floor after fluorescein was applied is consistent with the wiping motion of an attempted clean up.

Cal's defense team argues that this pattern could have been caused by the texture of the garage floor

Additionally the the defense points out that fluorescein was applied to numerous areas in the kitchen and garage and that all of the areas that underwent further testing tested negative for the presence of blood.

Also today, prosecutors called Donna Kalled, an employee for the New York State department of environmental conservation.

Kalled testified that there is no record of Cal having a hunting license between 2002 and 2013.

Earlier in the trial we heard testimony New York State trooper Ronald morse who told jurors that after observing Cal's suspicious behavior while driving on a road near the Harris property he pulled Cal over for a traffic infraction.

According to Morse, during that traffic stop Cal said he was out checking deer stands on his property.

At this point court is adjourned until Monday morning at which point the defense will have the opportunity to call rebuttal witnesses. But At this point judge George Bartlett says he does expects closings begin on Monday