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Bing. Police Officer Sager Motions for Dismissed Charges

The Binghamton police officer who has been found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident has filed a motion for the charges against her to be dismissed and that she be reinstated to the force.

The attorney for Kristi Sager - who says the charge was retaliation for bringing sexual harassment charges against chief Joseph Zikuski - says the city withheld evidence in it's trial against Sager.

Sager hit a car while she was off-duty on February 4th. She testified she told the owner of the car to take a picture of her license plate to get the information he needed. Judge William Pelella ruled last Wednesday that Sager failed to provide her full name, address, and insurance information prior to leaving the accident.

Sager is also facing misconduct charges of leaving her post on multiple occasions. Both Sager and Zikuski are on paid administrative leave.