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National Crime Victims Rights Week Begins

Three years ago, the Mills family in Deposit tragically lost their 20 year old son.

"My son was brutally murdered. He was struck in the head, he died and was murdered," said Jane Mills from Deposit.

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, Michael Mills got into a fight with Andrew L Hafele and Michael was struck with a hammer multiple times which caused his death. Jane Still feels the pain from that day.

"It's sad to see everyone's picture on here. This shouldn't be. I just feel really bad for the families. Not only my family but everyone else's family that has to go through this because it's a nightmare and you are never the same person again," said Mills.

Now the memorial in the mall may be temporary but it is special because the pictures hold memories for the Mills family that will last forever.

“He loved sports, he loved kids, he just loved life in general. He did so much in the 20 years here. But it just shows that he was my baby and my everything,” said Mills.

Now a total of 140 pictures rest on the memorial wall and Kevin McCabe has been coming to the event for nine years and remembers his childhood friend who was killed on a camping trip in Oregon.

“This particular event is personal to me because a friend of mine is on the wall behind us John Coughlin. He grew up in Endwell, went to Seton Catholic Central, and we had our first job together at Cortese restaurant as bus boys. He was just a very close friend," said Kevin Mccabe, regional representative for New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Crime Victims Assistance Center sponsors this display as part of the National Crime Victims Rights Week, which began in 1981 to raise awareness of those who fall victim to violent crime.

“There are a lot of positive and preventive work going on in the community. Will it get rid of all of it, absolutely not. But if we can make the difference for one person then it is totally worth the time and effort,” said Raini Baudendistel, the Executive Director of CVAC.

Tomorrow, a Survivor's Tribute at Otsiningo Park will be held at 6 p.m.