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Despite Efforts, Owego Resident Unable to Save All Pets From Fire

An Owego resident escapes a house fire with one of her dogs, but was unable to get five other pets.

The fire was at 93 West Ave in the village. Officials say that the fire started this afternoon in the back of the home. the cause is still under investigation. There was extensive damage to the kitchen and the 2nd floor of the single family home.
Resident Samantha King was sleeping inside the house when the fire started.

Resident Samantha King said, "Then I tried to go back inside to get the dogs but it was too smokey I couldn't do it. And you don't think about anything else but being safe and that if everyone is okay. It's a helpless feeling all you can do is sit there and watch your house burn down."

King says that there were two dogs and three cats that were still unaccounted for. Her dog Jeter was able to safely make it out.