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Local Group Advocates Gun Rights and Helps Veterans

A local group is meeting to advocate 2nd Amendment rights all while donating to local veterans.

Some local organizations including Shooters Committee on Political Education or SCOPE, came together for a meet and greet and food drive at VFW Post 478.

Saturday afternoon the group discussed the issue of gun control while raising awareness for Operation Hunger Smash.

Operation Hunger Smash is a nationwide coalition of volunteers whose goal is to provide veterans with food and other necessities to get them back on their feet. Organizers say veterans contribute to our rights and they deserve local support.

"Our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment are supported by our soldiers and our veterans. The fact that there are vets that are homeless, that have medical issues that aren't being addressed, if we can find out who these vets are, we can help them through the process of becoming more viable in their local communities," said founder of the New York Revolution George Curvelo.

The nationwide launch to Smash Hunger will kick off May 1st.