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Church Youth Group Raises Money for Rescue Mission

A local church is helping to raise awareness for the homeless.

The Central United Methodist Church youth group in Endicott held the "Box City" event Saturday to benefit The Rescue Mission, a local shelter dedicated to assisting the homeless.
Each member of the youth group will sleep in a cardboard box overnight while being sponsored to raise money to help the homeless.

"We have a youth group that took a trip to Washington D.C. recently in February and we learned about the nation's capitol being where there are a lot of homeless people. It kind of sensitized the kids to start looking for homeless people and looking for people that are just poverty stricken," said Co-Organizer of Box City event Kelly Devine.
"And it was just a really great learning experience. We found out a lot, we listened to their stories and those are stories that I'm never ever going to forget," said Box City participant Juliana Santacroce.

The group raised more than $600 through sponsorship and the money will go directly to the Rescue Mission organization.