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"Ball for a Cause" Event Raises Money to Fight Drug Epidemic

Can playing basketball help fight drug-related issues? That's what a local anti-drug group is trying to prove.

Saturday "I'm Dope Without Dope" presented a "Ball for a Cause" at Highland Park. The event included a basketball tournament to help raise money towards the anti-heroin movement.

The tournament also included food, music, raffles and awareness information.
First and second tournament winners were awarded prizes.

Your favorite station's own Jason Weinstein, Jeremy Donavon, and Beth Russo as participated as part of the Broome County media team in the celebrity game against local politicians.

"People might go to rehab, people come back home, but what do they have to do? Idle hands are really a burden to people in recovery. We've had over 30 deaths in Broome County since the new year and the numbers just keep piling up so we're really just trying to bring this in the community so we can really just put a dent in the casualties that are happening," said Co-Founder of "I'm Dope Without Dope" Joseph Gonzalez.

Today's event raised more than $750 with 20 basketball teams.
The funds go toward programs to help people suffering to overcoming drug addiction.