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Protesters Rally in Opposition to Trade Agreement

Protesters gathered to show their opposition to the fast tracking of a trade agreement they say would cut jobs.

They gathered at the Metro Center in front of Congressman Richard Hanna's Binghamton office to oppose the deal that would include the United States and 11 other countries.

Dona Murray an Officer for the Federation of Labor says that this deal has been done in secret and that negotiating texts have been denied to public interest groups and even most members of congress. Those gathered wanted to bring this issue to the public's attention as they say many don't know what it can actually do.

Dona Murray Officer for Federation of Labor said, "If this deal goes through it promises to send more jobs over seas and we'll see negative effects on our environment, on safety regulations that are in place, prescription costs could rise."

Murray says that this legislation is expected to be voted on next week with a yes or no vote and would allow no amendments.