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Binghamton Pothole Repair Update

One thing is for sure...potholes have been slowing Binghamton drivers down - Friday Mayor Rich David gave an update on Binghamton's attempt to patch things up.

Work started about a month ago when the winter weather broke. Over the course of the last month more than 565 tons of asphalt was put down which is four times as much compared to last year during this time.

This is do to a new machine city officials have rented that creates the material much more quickly. David says that prospect street will be the new top spot for milling and paving and may be upgraded to complete street reconstruction.

"We do budget on this on a regular basis, so there's no danger of exceeding the budget because we have other areas where we can transfer money into, because obviously Binghamton being a city in the northeast we deal with this on a regular basis," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

David says that through the city's mobile application 58 requests for pot hole repairs have been sent in. The Mayor hopes that people will continue contacting the Office of Public Works.