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Construction Begins on Broome County Jail Expansion

The $6 million construction project for a new medical pod and increased dorm started Monday at the Broome County Jail.

The site is being prepped by moving sod, laying down a stone base, and setting up scaffolding. Sheriff David Harder said that the extra board room will help cut down on costs in the long run because they will no longer have to board out inmates.

Sheriff David Harder said, "The commissioner of corrections is requiring us to separate the males and the females in the medical unit. So we had to come up with a separate pod for each. So we have a 12 bed unit right now that'll house either male or female. And the new pod of 19 will hold one or another also."

Sheriff Harder says crews will cut a hole in the wall in the current medical pod to expand and add the new one. harder says that the project should take about 16 months.