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Broome County District Attorney Officially Announces He's Seeking Re-election

Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen is seeking another term in office.

Mollen officially announced his candidacy for re-election Wednesday night at the American Legion Post 89 in Vestal. Mollen has been the District Attorney since 1987 and has over 3 decades of public service to the people of Broome County. A Democrat and life long resident of Binghamton, he has prosecuted and won thousands of felony cases including murder, assault, robbery and drug trafficking.

District Attorney Gerald Mollen said,"I'm proud to have the honor of serving as DA since 1987 and right now so many things are going on in the criminal justice system and I think that the Broome County DA's office has been at the forefront of some of those important things we can do in the criminal justice system so I'm asking the citizens of Broome County to continue with me in the position."

Mollen says he has addressed numerous issues while serving as the DA including domestic violence, drunk driving, child abuse and drug activity.