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Author Speaks at BU About Importance of Family Togetherness in America

It may take a village to raise a child but what about the importance of family togetherness in American culture?

BU Alumni Founder and President of the Center of the American Experiment Mitch Pearlstein spoke before BU Forum members at Traditions Tuesday afternoon.
Pearlstein says there are numerous factors that contribute to family fragmentation which he addresses in his book "Broken Bonds: What family fragmentation means for America's future." He said many of the issues can be reversed by education.

Founder and President of Mitch Pearlstein said, "Some of the measures you can imagine be it poverty, educational performance, drug use, mental illness, criminal activity, early sexual initiation kids growing up with two parent families do better than other kids always on average its a big country. But we have lots and lots of young kids not doing well right now."

According to Pearlstein, the United States has the highest family fragmentation rates in the industrial world today.