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Local Political Committees React Following Clinton's Announcement

Local political committees are sharing their reactions to Hillary Clinton's big announcement.

Sunday, the former Secretary of State announced she is officially running for president. Clinton is the first democrat to formally announce.

On the republican side Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have already announced, and Monday Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined them. Local democratic party members say Clinton's New York background will gain plenty of supporters from the Southern Tier.

While republican party members say Clinton's name on the ballot serves as motivation...

Democratic Committee Member Bridget Kane said, "A lot of people here in upstate New York are fond of her. We like her up here. We've elected her up here for New York State Senate, we're very proud of her and I think she can help us get more democrats into office."

Chairman, Broome County Republican Committee Bijoy Datta said, "In a lot of ways republicans are excited that she's running because that actually motivates the republican base against her. There are a lot of folks that see a lot of controversy about all thing Clinton...
Whether it's Bengazi and the other things that happened while she was a senator, while she was secretary of state, there's a lot not to like and republicans are really getting motivated."

This is Clinton's second run for the presidency. She lost her bid for the democratic nomination in 2008 to then-senator Barack Obama.