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Community Members Celebrate Orthodox Easter

For millions of Orthodox Christians, this Sunday was the day to celebrate their Easter holiday, also known as Pascha.

The Orthodox church observes Easter by the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian.

And St. Michael's church in Binghamton drew a congregation full of churchgoers who came to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The service included communion, song and prayer.

"This is the essence of what it is that we believe in, that in the end the Christ has risen, that resurrection involves holiness. His calling is to live, to be alive in this life, full of life. And I see people here that I know very well and I see them moving in this direction so it becomes a joy," said Pastor at St. Michael's Church Father Jim Dutko.

After church services members typically hold a dinner filled with blessed Easter specialties marking the end of the Lenten season.