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VINES Teaches Locals Urban Gardening

For those who have a green thumb, this is for you!

VINES, an organization that was founded as a means for people to afford fresh produce and spruce up the neighborhoods with gardens, is collaborating with the Broome County Public Library to teach about urban gardening.

The workshop held Saturday at the Binghamton Urban Farm's Greenhouse highlighted things like cost effective ways to grow bunches of tomatoes, eggplants and onions.

The workshop discussed the benefits of seed starting indoors during the cold weather.

"Let's go with a very common crop that everyone loves, you know tomatoes, tomatoes can't handle these cold conditions, if you put them out there the seeds wouldn't germinate or once they got started they would die. By starting them indoors, you get them big enough and strong enough and you shield them from the worst of the weather so by the time you get them out there, they're pretty much hitting the ground running," said Seed Starting Workshop organizer Isaiah Barker.

VINES will team up with the Broome County Library again in May for a composting workshop.