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Binghamton University to "Save the Castle"

Binghamton University has announced that it will be taking over responsibility for preserving the area's only national historic landmark.

The university has taken over stewardship of Binghamton's Castle, the Former New York State Inebriate Asylum--and almost 12.5 million dollars has been reallocated for the project.

The building was designed by Isaac Perry in 1858 and was the first facility in the United States developed for the medical treatment of alcoholism. But, the building has been vacant since 1993. Stenger says there could be many different uses for the building.

"This could be aplace where companies could start their businesses. It could be a place where an artist might have their studio. It could be a place where children come and have classrooms after school," said BU President, Harvey Stenger.

"The building has sat empty for 22 years, and every day of those 22 years it has deteriorated a little bit. The sooner we get somebody in there and with an appropriate use for it, the better," said Roger Luther, a preservationist and local historian.

Luther has been advocating for the castle since 2004 through a "Save the Castle" grassroots committee. He also echoes Stenger that there could be many uses for the building, but he'll just be happy to see it get some use.