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Judge Refuses to Dismiss Suit Against Binghamton Mayor

By Fox 40 Staff.
A State Supreme Court Judge denied Binghamton Mayor Rich David's motion to dismiss a lawsuit against him.

On January First WBNG employee Daisy Dawson claimed that Erica Aminalee, David's girlfriend hit her over the head with a glass causing significant injuries.

After this incident Dawson filed a lawsuit against David claiming he used his executive authority for personal gain when he called the station about Dawson, threatening her employment. David's attorney Kurt Schrader feels Dawson's claim that her employment has been effected is dubious since she is still employed at WBNG.

Dawson's Attorney Ron Benjamin said, "Making the absurd argument that there's no impact when he simply called the employer and said oh by the way your employee was using profanity, she was intoxicated, she was abusive and she said the station would back her up in all of that behavior. The allegations are absurd, equally absurd is the notion that it's not going to have any negative impact on an employee."

Schrader says he is going to take depositions over the next 60 days to determine whether Dawson's claim that her employment and income has been damaged is true. If he feels it's not he will once again file motion to have the case dismissed.