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Parents of Child Allegedly Abused by Teacher Speak Out

By Fox 40 Staff.
The parents of the ten year old boy who they say was forcibly removed from his math class by his teacher and suffered a separated shoulder as a result, have filed a complaint with the New York State Education Department's Office of professional misconduct enforcement.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on March 17th at the Tioga Hills Elementary School in Apalachin. On Tuesday the Superintendent of the Vestal School District sent a letter to parents stating the accusations were unfounded and the teacher has been exonerated. However, State Police say the case is still being actively investigated by the Tioga County District Attorney's Office. Today Frank and Sharon Russo said they're upset no action has been taken.

"Disciplinary action against the District, against the Superintendent and against the teacher so that doesn't ever happen again," said Sharon Russo, parent of the alleged victim.

Frank and Sharon Russo say their son is experiencing physical and emotional trauma as a result of the incident and that he's afraid to be back in school. In a statement yesterday to fox 40 district superintendent mark LaRoach repeated his assertion that the accused teacher has been exonerated.