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Blood Expert Cross-Examined in Cal Harris Trial

By Samantha Bleiweis.
The ninth week of testimony wraps up in the trial of cal Harris with the conclusion of testimony from the defense's blood expert terry laber. Harris is the Owego businessman is charged with second degree murder of his wife Michele who disappeared in September of 2001.

Cross examination of Terry Laber began Wednesday and continued Thursday...with prosecutor Paul Clyne focusing on picking apart the conclusions that Laber made in his report about the blood stains found in the Harris household.

Clyne pointed to another expert who testified in one of Harris' previous trials but was not called as a defense witness for this trial--that expert is Paul kish, anther blood spatter analyst laber has worked with.

Kish's opinion of the streak blood spatter on the door and molding in the kitchen hallway is that it could be consistent with someone wiping the blood--while Laber says that yes, that could be possible, but he sees no evidence of that.

Clyne also asked if dilution of blood which laber observed in the garage could be consistent with a wiping of a sponge--which he also testified that yes it is plausible but not consistent with what he observed.

During his redirect defense attorney Bruce Barket asked Laber if dilution always indicates cleanup--and Laber says that dilution does not indicate deliberate cleanup.

Laber testified that there are all sorts of hypothetical scenarios that he did not address in his report. Clyne then asked him if the viability of any scenario comes down to common sense...referring to Laber's previous testimony that the spatter in the house could've been caused by the flick of a finger or a hand. Clyne Asked him if people generally flick blood around the house on purpose, to which Laber answered no.

Testimony continues on Monday--and judge George Bartlett informed jurors that he does think we are nearing the end, and that if deliberations begin next week, they could spill into next Friday if they don't have a verdict by Thursday.