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Defense Blood Expert Testifies in Cal Harris Trial

By Samantha Bleiweis.
Defense Blood expert Terry Laber testifies that the blood stains investigators found in the Harris household cannot be linked to each other or to a specific time or event.

Cal Harris is the Spencer man charged with second degree murder for the disappearance of his wife Michele back in 2001.

Terry Laber only echoed the testimony of the prosecutions blood expert on one detail--this the amount of blood found in the Harris household is equivalent to just ten drops, or 1/8 of a teaspoon.

But when it comes to how the blood got there and if there was any cleanup, Laber's testimony is vastly different from Dr. Henry Li's--the prosecutions blood expert, who testified that the stains were consistent with force, although he did say a cut on the finger or a cough were both possibilities.

Laber says that the blood staining in the kitchen alcove and the garage could've been caused by the flick of a cut finger or impact with ricochet spatter--but there isn't a pattern that allows him to conclude one way or the other.

Laber says in his analysis of the blood spatter there's no evidence of any attempt to clean up the blood or any attempt to alter them.

Laber's testimony differed from lees in this respect as well--as lee testified that some of the staining appeared to have been altered or diluted. Laber also says that with impact spatter you would expect to see elongated stains with more variety.

He says the stains do not indicate they were created with any force--instead they are circular drop stains. Laber also testified to what's called a transfer stain on a rug from the Harris alcove area that had over 50 small less than a millimeter size stains that tested positive for blood.

Laber says the transfer stain on the rug is a light stain--meaning it only made contact with the surface fibers. He testified that stain could is consistent with light contact--meaning from a dog's paw or a shoe, and could not have been from someone with an actively bleeding wound, which Harris defense team says completely contradicts the prosecutions argument that Michele was bludgeoned and killed inside the home.

Tomorrow the jury is expected to hear from kevin tubbs....a defense witness who says he saw Michele Harris outside the Harris home in the early morning hours of September 12th.