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Lagares extension moves Nimmo to corners

There aren't many down sides to having a well stocked minor league system like the New York Mets do at the moment. If there is a negative to it, it's a logjam of players at the same position.

Coming off a Gold Glove season, former B-Met Juan Lagares was just signed to a 4-year extension with the big club meaning that current B-Met Brandon Nimmo won't be playing centerfield in the big leagues any time soon. In order to make him more valuable to the organization and remain part of their long term plans, Nimmo, a former first round draft pick, will use this season to transition to the corner outfield positions.

Having played center his whole career, it's a bit of an adjustment. Nimmo says it's all about reading the ball off the bat and getting used to the slice of the ball when hitter's go the opposite way and the top spin off a lefty's bat when he's in right. He's getting more comfortable with the move, and is on board with the reason why it's happening.

"If I'm moving to a corner, that means the centerfielder is pretty good and Juan Lagares is a gold glove center fielder," Nimmo said. "So if I'm out in the outfield in right field or left field and Juan is in center, I feel confident in the range we have out there. So, not saying I'm going to be up in the big leagues anytime soon, obviously that's not my decision, but that's what I'm preparing for."

"He's going to be playing all over, he's a good athlete and that's one thing he's got going for him," said B-Mets manager Pedro Lopez. "He's willing to make adjustments in every part of the game."

The B-Mets begin their 2014 Eastern League Title defense on Thursday in Akron with Matt Koch getting the Opening Day start on the mound.