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Kristi Sager Trial In Hands of Judge

By Fox 40 Staff.
A Binghamton City Court Judge is still deciding the criminal case against Kristi Sager. She's the Binghamton Police Officer who is accusing Chief Joseph Zikuski of sexual harassment.

Sager is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. this stems from an incident on February 5th. Sager testified she told Matthew Keefe the owner of the vehicle she hit to take a picture of her license plate to get the information that he needed.

She testified saying that she eventually left the scene of the accident to deescalate the situation because Keefe was "freaking out", upset over the damages, and she had started to have a panic attack.

Assistant Police Chief David Eggleston testified he ordered a ticked to be issued to Sager after the accident. He testified Sager was not on scene when police arrived, nor did she give Keefe her insurance information.

Sager's attorney Ron Benjamin said, "She was there 30 minutes she gave all of the identifying information, she said I'll pay it's my responsibility it's my fault, she never tried to evade anything, therefore no violation of the statute."

The judge's decision is expected to take about a week.