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City Council Discusses Proposed Police Modernization Legislation

The Binghamton City Council Municipal and Public Affairs committee discussed proposed legislation known as the "police modernization law" at their meeting Tuesday night.

In attendance were members from Binghamton's Human Rights Commission and law enforcement community. The HRC has proposed measures to
ensure anti-racism policies are in place within the police department after some national high profile cases identified strained relations between police and the minority community. Some of the HRC's measures include banning the use of racial profiling, requiring police to undergo anti racism training and diversifying the police force. One council member says the meeting was a step in the right direction.

"Now we can move forward and develop a comprehensive piece of legislation that everyone's a part of , that everyone believes in and then we can take it forward to demonstrate that Binghamton is a proactive community and that we make sure that our citizens are safe and our police officers have all the tools they need to to do their jobs," said Teri Rennia, Binghamton City Council Member.

Rennia says further discussion on this topic is scheduled for April 22nd.