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Is Minor Flooding on Tap for This Week?

By Fox 40 Staff.
With warm temperatures continuing to melt snow, and with showers forecast for much of the rest of the week, The National Weather Service is keeping it's eye out for potential minor flooding this week in the area.

One hydrologist says it's a bit early to tell exactly what may take place because it's tough to know how much snow melts at any given time and rainfall amounts this week are still to be determined. But he does say there will be points of the Susquehanna, Chenango, and Tioughnioga Rivers close to minor flood stage.

"It's still something to be watched as water comes out of it's banks. It's a little bit unpredictable at the very local level. But in general if we do get any flooding it should be very minor," said National Weather Service Hydrologist Jim Brewster.

Minor flooding includes water spilling out of river banks and getting onto the roads closest to the river.