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Local Candy Shop Prepares for Easter Holiday

Fuddy Duddy's in Vestal spent this afternoon wrapping up their gourmet preps for Easter!

Workers say thousands of different Easter candy items have been made throughout the season.

Fuddy Duddy's management says they hire more help during the Spring time because chocolate and Easter candy are in high demand around this time and it takes weeks in to prepare for sales.

Store workers say along with sweets the store also provides handmade items.

"It's specialized items that the parents have picked out, that they know that they like. It's not just something that's been sent from a manufacturer who just sends a standard basket," said Billie Taylor, retail clerk at Fuddy Duddy's.

Fuddy Duddy's originated in Owego and recently opened a shop Vestal giving even more locals the chance to try out their goodies.

Both store's hours are open 10 am - 6 pm Monday through Saturday.