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What Parents Need to Know During Autism Awareness Month

Shining the light on Autism! That's the goal of the "autism speaks light it up blue" initiative that began 6 years ago as famous landmarks turned their lights blue.

As the number of those diagnosed with autism increases, health professionals want to advance awareness about the developmental disability during April which is Autism Awareness Month. The Institute for Child Development offers a range of different services for those with the disability. Rachel Cavalari says early identification leads to early services and a better outcome.

"They'll start to see things like a child might not respond to their name or they're avoiding eye contact. They might see some repetitive behaviors like hand clapping or some overly focused interest in some type of activity like maybe they're fascinated with train schedules to a degree that's more than I like Thomas the Train, says Rachel Cavalari, Licensed Psychologist.

On April 25th the Institute for Child Development will hold an autism screening from 9 to 1, however appointments are required. You can visit their website at