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Morris Justice Project Holds Justice Panel at BU

An organization is raising awareness about inequalities in the New York City police force.

Saturday, the Morris Justice Project took to BU's Downtown Center to discuss a community study of New York City policing policies from the perspective of those targeted by them.

"Strategies and Findings from a Critical Participatory Action Research" was the message of Saturday's meeting.

Organizers of the project say the goal is to challenge inequalities and engage help create a more just world.

"Just because it never happened to you doesn't mean it hasn't happened. So we are living proof to just let everybody know what's going on. And if that one little word that we can say can do something to help one local community in this area," said Jacquelin Yates, member of the Morris Justice Project.

The panel discussion workshop was sponsored by a variety of local organizations including the Binghamton YWCA and Decker School of Nursing.