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Endicott American Red Cross Hands Out Free Smoke Detectors

Saturday, the Endicott American Red Cross went from door to door to help install free smoke detectors on five different street in Endicott.

It was all part of their nationwide Fire Preparedness Campaign, a five year campaign to help ensure people are prepared in the case of an emergency and know how to respond.

"If you have a fire in your home, you have approximately two minutes to get out. So if you have working smoke alarms and they're in proper locations, then they'll go off and you have greater possibility of actually getting out safely," said Disaster Program Manager Jill Deskins.

The Association will visit homes in Tioga County next month.
For more information on fire safety and preparedness, you can visit redcross.com/homefires or contact the Red Cross at 607-785-7207.