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Moral Monday Brings Non-Violent Protesting to Downtown Binghamton

Non-violent protestors gathered at the State Office Building in Downtown Binghamton this afternoon in a push against what they call billionaire-backed extreme agendas.

The Greater Binghamton Labor and Religion Coalition raised their voices for various topics including quality education, rights of workers and against poverty while bringing Moral Mondays back to Binghamton. Mary Clark of Citizen Action says this Moral Monday we need to see how unfair it is that the number of children and elderly in poverty in our area is growing.

Amy Fleming, Coordinator of Justice and Peace Resource Center said, "They're too busy trying to feed their families and stay ahead of their bills to be able to participate, but I encourage them and I encourage the senior citizens to get on board with us and call their representatives and tell their stories."

The Coalition will be holding another Moral Monday protest on April 6th after Governor Cuomo announces his budget plan.