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BU Presents New Virtual Therapy for PTSD

Soldiers experiencing post traumatic stress disorder have a new outlet for therapy with virtual reality.

Binghamton University Alum Skip Rizzo presented his new research that allows service members to talk and choose a digital character therapist. The new technology allows them to relive war experiences through the virtual Iraq or Afghanistan Program, which was adapted from the first-person video game "full spectrum warrior" which was released for Xbox in 2004.

"We can put people in those scenes. We can adjust and customize the scenes in which they were traumatized in a way that matches what their experience was and help them to go back and face it while talking to a therapist and we have seen many significant clinical gains," said Skip Rizzo, a clinical psychologist and directors of mental virtual reality at USC.

Rizzo is also working on creating new virtual reality games and voice interaction to help those with autistic spectrum disorder.