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Hillcrest Parade Helps Families in Need

Hillcrest is celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with a little twist.

Donation was the goal of Saturday's Hillcrest Saint Patrick's Day parade put together by the American Legion. Along the route officials were collecting items for "Us for Kids" -- US stands for underwear and socks.

The outreach program is geared toward giving underprivileged kids, toddlers and teens, a fresh start each day.

All donations will be sent to the kids in our community.

Co-Organizer of Hillcrest Parade Linda Trusky said, "It's just a great thing for the community because everybody gets together. We've had a long, cold winter and everybody just wants to get out. Not everybody can make it down to the big parade downtown, so this is nice for our little community."

This is the 4th annual year for the Hillcrest Saint Patrick's Day Parade.