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Gas Prices Are Rising, But They Are Still Lower Than Last Year

According to the Fuel Gage Report at AAA, the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has increased for 35 consecutive days. That totals out to be 39 cents more per gallon which is the longest streak of rising gas prices since last spring.

Today's AAA national average is $2.43. However, the current average for New York is slightly higher at $2.57. Despite the recent price hike, multiple people at the pumps today were looking on the brighter side of things.

Afton Resident, Kevin Isabell said, "They're on their way up again I guess it was good while it lasted. I guess they said they're going to keep going up."

Gas prices are still lower than they were just a year ago. Last year in New York, the average price for regular gas was $3.74 per gallon. However, according to the Fuel Gage Report, gas prices will likely rise higher in March as refineries conduct seasonal maintenance.