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FAA Releases Proposal For Unmanned Aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration is releasing a proposal for new rules for small unmanned aircraft systems.

According to FAA.gov the proposal released last week limits flights to daylight and visual line of sight operations for unmanned aircraft.

If approved the proposal would also limit flights to below 500 feet. The proposed rule includes the possibility of an additional more flexible foundation for “micro” unmanned aircraft systems under 4.4 pounds.

The FAA asks for public comment about how the agency can further leverage the UAS test site program as well as an upcoming UAS Center of Excellence.

This proposal is aimed at safety and privacy. Senator Schumer says more laws need to be put in place.

Senator Charles Schumer said, "One other thing which I think has real possibility which they didn't put in their rules and regulations is called geo-fencing. you can write into the program of the drone places it can't go above 500 feet, near an airport, or over the white house. and that might help with privacy regulations as well."

You can head over to www.reginfo.gov to review all details of the proposal.

The public is able to comment on the proposal for 60 days from the date of publication in the federal register.