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Award Winning Filmmaker Speaks at Binghamton University

An award winning film-maker hosted a special talk Thursday night at Binghamton University.

Two time Academy Award nominee, Spike Lee was the keynote speaker at the campus' event center. Lee has been nominated for several awards including Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Screenplay for the movie "Do the Right Thing." Students said that they felt Lee would be one of the most prominent and knowledgeable African Americans to bring to the University during black history month and it certainly created for some buzz on the campus.

"Everybody's been really surprised and excited for it. People I usually don't hear talking about anything that happens on campus said hey I'm going to see Spike Lee this Thursday. People are really happy about it and they really feel that it would help in bringing more of a racial awareness to campus for a lack of better words," said BU Student Ridwan Olatilewa.

BU students are also hosting a poetry slam Friday to celebrate Black History month.