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County Announces Launch of the "Broome Hope App"

Broome County has launched a new app to give new hope to those who may be contemplating suicide.

The Broome Hope App offers information which is categorized for teens and young adults, adults, and veterans. The app gives the user the ability to instantly call the national suicide prevention lifeline. The app provides information on resources, the warning signs of suicide, and how urgently to deal with those signs.

"You can touch any of them, for instance expressing no hope for the future. You would touch that and anything else the person might be experiencing and then go to actions to take and it will tell you if it's serious, more serious, or most serious,"
said Katie Cusano, the Broome County Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health.

There were thirty seven suicides in Broome County in 2011, which is the last year for which statistics are available. The Hope App is meant to be used in conjunction with mental health treatment and should not be a substitute for working with a mental health professional. The app is free for iPhone and android devices.